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The Educational Resources Store is a collaboration between Sima S. Enterprises and TeachAde. The Sima S. Enterprises company has been a dedicated source of children safety products since 2001 and TeachAde is one of the most helpful sites for teachers on the web.


Sima S. Enterprises is a well established company. We started selling child safety products in 2001. We have had over 20,000 satisfied customers since then. We have phone and email customer support so if an occasional problem occurs we can solve the problem fast. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau. We make sure the information you provide is secured. We utilize SSL Security measures to insure the information you provide us is encrypted and secured from hackers. We have a very strict defined privacy policy. The information you provide us will only be used for completion of transactions. We have never employed any type of phone solicitations or email campaigns to attain business.


TeachAde is an online community for educators, designed to save busy teachers time and make teaching easier by providing quick access to a searchable electronic database of classroom resources. Introduced in mid-2006, TeachAde is home to thousands of teachers, many of whom take advantage of our social networking capabilities by creating Groups on various topics or projects. Other convenient features include a daily digital planner for group meetings and lesson plan reminders on a personal home page. Our members are encouraged to contribute resources they have found to be useful for the benefit of the entire community. TeachAde is free for teachers.

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