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This book brings parents the knowledge and support they need to identify and deal with problems that can occur in the home. Children, ages ten to fifteen, trust their parents to be there when they are feeling down. This is an emergency guide that covers the difficult issues parents encounter every day with their 10-15 year old children. Many parents are often frightened and unsure if they should interfere and know just how to help. This book was based on a nation-wide survey of parents, teachers, and students, interviews with a variety of experts, using the latest research, and written with the support of the National Middle School Association, you'll be able to get very useful advice on topics including: depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual encounters, failing in school, internet dangers, and many other issues.

Authors: Margaret Sagarese , Charlene C. Giannetti
Pages:  294

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Parenting 911 Parenting 911
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