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The author has believed for years that ADD is very often misunderstood, incorrectly treated and labeled as being disabled. He has gained many years of experience working with ADD children, and now teams up with well known ADD researcher Peter S. Jensen, M.D., to bring you an important new approach to helping your ADD child. This book gives you a detailed game plan that includes: Ignoring the diagnosticians and give your child the unconditional love they need by basically nurturing their spirit for who they are, Recognizing the positive part of the negative symptoms associated with ADD and thereby relating stubbornness to persistence and impulsiveness to creativity, Provide and nurture an environment where a child can safely take risks, allow time to let a child experiment as a way to learn, support playful practice, encourage mastery of a skill, and recognize a child’s achievements.

Authors:  Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., Peter S. Jensen, M.D.
Pages: 240

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