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This book provides a resource that answers nearly one hundred of the most common questions and concerns.  Most experts say that, conservatively, well over six million children have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  With the increasing pressure placed on parents to pursue a diagnosis and medicate hyperactive children, the urgency of life-changing decisions can weigh significantly on the whole family.  Conflicting advice bombards parents from all sides, which leaves families more confused and anxious than before.  The AD/HD Book seeks to manage fears and rationally addresses nearly one hundred common questions and concerns to help parents make sense of the information chaos.

Beth Ann Hill, herself a mother and educator of AD/HD children, clearly explains the basics of AD/HD and lays out its complexities.  She logically takes parents step-by-step, from symptoms, diagnoses and tests, medication, a treatment strategy designed to combine medical treatment, and special parenting techniques to break through problem behaviors.

Readers can browse through the question-and-answer format or read from start to finish, and they will come to:

  • understand the biological causes of AD/HD
  • get the facts on prescription drugs
  • cope with AD/HD's emotional impact on family and friends
  • find comfort in real-life examples of challenges and their solutions

Authors:  Beth Ann Hill and James Van Haren
Pages: 224

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