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In this book, you'll learn how to deal with a disobedient child or teenager who is difficult to handle. If your child has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), or is constantly getting into trouble at school, there are practical ways to guide such oppositional energy and determination. Dr. John F. Taylor will tell you how to accomplish this, by giving hundreds of specific suggestions on how to live with a defiant and challenging child. Anybody who deals with difficult children, young adults or teens will also discover how to access the potential of these natural-born leaders and learn how to understand why an oppositional attitude exists, how to open up safer opportunities for children to express their needs and wants, be able to enhance communication, avoid common mistakes, reduce undesirable behavior, teach a child self-control, and a lot more!

Author:  John F. Taylor, PH.D.
Pages:  226

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