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This book uses a variety of fun, interactive, and engaging exercises to successfully combat relational aggression and teach healthy conflict resolution skills to girls. The mix of theatre, performing arts, improvisation, creative writing and discussion helps girls understand the dynamics of relational aggression, reduce instances of gossip and rumor-spreading, and gain healthy conflict resolution skills. Girls will also learn how to deal with friend fights effectively, enhance self-esteem and overall self-image, create a sense of empathy and understanding for one another, and acquire leadership skills. This curriculum contains twelve sessions and over thirty games and exercises that were designed in classroom and small group settings, making the program well-fitted for any school or small counseling group. It also provides before and after program surveys, a group evaluation form, easy and detailed instruction, discussion questions for each activity, journal topics, an encyclopedia of additional and alternate activities, and reproducible handouts.

Author:  Alissa Norby
Pages:  75

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