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Everybody gets mad or angry sometimes! Anger is a completely normal and healthy human emotion when it is not excessive. But sometimes they make us say and do things that we don't really mean and can turn destructive. It can lead to problems with peers, personal relationships, work and the overall quality our life. Anger and tantrums affect toddlers, children, teens and adults and present challenges to parents, teachers, caregivers and peers. We can learn how to release the anger in safe ways, so that no one gets hurt. Kids and toddlers with unmanaged anger can grow up to face serious problems later in life. That is why it is important to help your child learn anger management in appropriate ways from an early age. Even toddlers and adolescents can learn a little bit about self control, although occasional tantrums are normal..

Anger management has three main components: the emotional state of anger, understanding and managing anger, and guiding the expression of anger. Our books and videos explore these components of anger, tantrums, bad tempers and anger management. Some of the signs of anger are temper tantrums, conflict, physical assault, possession conflict, rejection and issues of compliance.

Some of our educational books and videos address the fundamentals of anger management while others deal with more advanced temper management problems and offer solutions. Our Anger Management Resources Store has lots of books and videos here to help control anger and tantrums!

browse FULL LISTING of anger management books and videos from the menu on the left.

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