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Product ID: ANG-001
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On many school campuses, anger is a growing problem for students.  Anger is often the most powerful emotion for teens, and it can reveal a deep assortment of underlying emotions.  This video covers teen anger, and shows why anger can just be the tip of an emotional iceberg.   Students will discover methods for recognizing anger in all its forms and understand how to cope with it.  They learn what leads up to anger and how to diffuse angry or violent situations.  They'll also learn about anger and home life, and why covering up anger is dangerous.  Students learn how to maintain positive attitudes and how to deal with this negative emotion in a positive way.  Teens discuss anger in a revealing set of interviews.

Subjects Covered Include:

  • Identifying anger
  • Why anger can be destructive
  • Common sources of anger in teens
  • How to let out anger
  • Anger and home life
  • Anger on campus
  • Violence and anger
  • Expressing emotions in a positive way

Runtime:  20 mins

Front and Back Covers

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