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If a child's anger causes a strain in the family that affects every member, and can potentially jeopardize his school and social life, it's time for a parent to wonder if the child is too angry and needs help. Dr. Tim Murphy is a child psychologist that has helped many families to understand both the reasons and the consequences of childhood anger, and tells how to create successful strategies for defusing the potentially explosive situation. By using straightforward techniques, Dr. Murphy shows how to help a child understand what is causing them to be angry, and then develops new approaches for coping with the situation. By identifying the ten distinct characteristics of an angry child, he gives examples from his clinical experience to help adults direct their children to more suitable responses. Dr. Murphy also alerts readers to the best way to work with these volatile children, and explains how the behavior of the parent can actually increase a child's outbursts. Also included is a special chapter dedicated to winning daily battles and providing advice on situations where an angry child's temper is most likely to burst.

Author:  Timothy Murphy, PH. D.
Pages: 256

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