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The Educational Resources Store contains educational books and videos for children, teens, parents and teachers about adolescence and growing up. The books and videos featured on this site cover a wide range of topics. You will find topics ranging from infant education to dealing with teens with different and sometimes difficult situations. The books and DVDs contain information at all levels, including books, DVDs, games and posters geared to the children, teens, parents, and teachers.

Product ID: ANG-007
Price: $24.95

This book will give you a unique, practical collection of insights, techniques, activities and reproducible student worksheets to help persistently angry adolescents.  Using this resource, you will be able to quickly find strategies that best fit students with different kinds of anger problems.  These are categorized as five levels of anger intensity and strategies offered for each. In addition, 20 possible reasons are offered for anger in adolescents, and tips are given to share with parents.

Pages:  114

Product ID: ANG-013
Price: $1.99

When you are angry, your blood draws inward, causing your hands to turn cold and the card to turn black.  Give these cards to students to use throughout their day.  Have them place their thumb behind the card and watch for the color change to reveal how calm they can make themselves.  Four useful steps to anger control are provided on the back of each card.

Cards:  1

Product ID: ANG-019
Price: $19.95  $17.95

This video features an exciting, fast paced quiz show game with music and colorful animation. It presents children with a wide range of behavior options to help them handle their anger. Players earn or lose points based on the quality of the solutions chosen. This presentation provides a basis for lively classroom discussion, and it's a great addition to your lending library Also included is a CD-ROM containing reproducible activities.

Runtime:  23 mins

Product ID: ANG-005
Price: $26.95

This innovative curriculum was developed for dealing with anger problems in students in grades 5-8.  It allows teachers the structure and flexibility to teach students new and creative ways to deal with their anger.  The units are filled with activities and games that will allow students to explore how they currently react to anger situations and to choose new and healthier ways to react.  The topics are divided into three sections;  Anger Educational Model, Anger Skills, and Interpersonal Skills.  This curriculum can be used in a step-by-step fashion beginning with unit one and ending with unit seven, or it can be used as completely independent studies on each unit topic.

Pages:  255

Product ID: ANG-018
Price: $19.95  $17.95

In this video, the story comes alive with color, sound and animation. Viewers will identify with Buddy as he learns the importance of managing his anger and the consequences of letting it get out of control. The story is followed with a lively animated "Roller Rink" exercise which consists of animated Dragons placed in realistic decision making situations where viewers are invited to choose the correct course of action. There's review questions to reinforce the lessons presented. Kits include reproducible activities as well as a presenter's guide.

Runtime:  11 mins

Product ID: ANG-017
Price: $19.95  $17.95

In this story, Buddy gets in trouble when he loses his temper and throws a toy truck at Tommy. Consequently, he understands that his anger has to be tamed. The way to tame anger is to stop, calm down and think. Buddy learns to recognize the warning signs of anger and ways to relax before he loses control. He then explores alternatives to fighting such as sharing. The story is accompanied by questions to stimulate discussion of important issues. This pack contains reproducible activities, a story book, posters, and a user's guide.


Product ID: ANG-030
Price: $10.95  $9.95

This book helps children to develop the skills of anger management, and to behave in a responsible manner for both themselves and others. We know that everybody gets angry, and its good for children to learn to realize and understand their feelings of anger, convey them, and build skills to deal with anger in a correct manner. They will learn that it is normal to get angry, but also understand that it's not good to harm anyone physically or verbally. Supportive and compassionate, the book helps preschool and primary children realize that when they cool down and work through anger, they can feel peaceful again.

Pages:  40

Product ID: ANG-020
Price: $19.95 $17.95

These two videos come alive with color, sound and animation. Children will identify with Sue as she experiences the consequences of her anger, and how she is helped by her school counselor and mom to handle her anger. The set includes two presentations of each video, one with and one without counselor comments as well as reproducible activities, a presenter's guide, and a PDF of each book. These videos are the perfect resource for a small group or classroom situation, and it's a great addition to your lending library. Also included is a CD-ROM containing reproducible activities.

Runtime:  32 mins

Product ID: ANG-022
Price: $19.95 $17.95

This DVD contains two videos, Give and Take and Fun to Share. There are two presentations of Fun to Share, one with counselor comments. Fun to Share was developed for children in K-2, and the Give and Take is geared towards children in grades 3-4. Both videos contain related content with the story of Jason and Mark as they learn how to handle conflict. The Fun to Share video is followed by discussion questions that help to reinforce the concepts presented in the story. These videos help children develop an awareness of anger management and the role it plays in conflict resolution. Kits include reproducible activities as well as a presenter's guide.

Runtime:  24 mins

Product ID: ANG-010
Price: $9.95

This comic book and activity guidance series for kids was developed with attention grabbing stories that teach young people how to effectively manage anger, deal with bullying and teach other coping skills.  The colorful science fiction comic book format help kids learn lessons that they can share with their friends.  In this issue, Max and his friends are confronted by a gigantic robot called X-35 who has lost control of his anger and is damaging everything in his path.  Max takes control of the situation and teaches the robot anger management to calm him down.  Readers will learn the anger management techniques through activities and discussion.

Pages:  32

Product ID: ANG-011
Price: $9.95 $8.95

This informative, spiral-bound book contains activities, book lists and thoughts from Fred Rogers about helping young children learn to manage anger. The Mad Feelings Activity Book is designed to complement the What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel? training workshop, but even those who have not participated in a workshop will find it to be a helpful classroom or child care resource.  It includes: Fred Rogers'timeless wisdom about children, anger, and self-control; A focus on the important role of the adult; Descriptions of the four stages of developing self-control; Eight easy-to-do developmentally-appropriate activities for each stage, that cover a variety of domains; Ideas for how to determine which activities to offer; An extended booklist about anger for children at various ages and situations; A resource list of books about anger for adults.

Pages:  60

Product ID: ANG-014
Price: $39.95

Anger is very often an emotion that is expressed in extremes, either by avoiding any show of anger or exploding in a rage and /or violence.  Both approaches usually have a detrimental effect on physical and emotional health.  This video explores how and why we experience anger, and then offers practical strategies for expressing anger in constructive, productive ways rather than unproductive and destructive ways.  This DVD features Dr. Charles D. Spielberger, Director of South Florida and Dr. Doyle Gentry, Clinical Psychologist specializing in the treatment of anger disorders.

Runtime:  30 mins

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