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The Educational Resources Store contains educational books and videos for children, teens, parents and teachers about adolescence and growing up. The books and videos featured on this site cover a wide range of topics. You will find topics ranging from infant education to dealing with teens with different and sometimes difficult situations. The books and DVDs contain information at all levels, including books, DVDs, games and posters geared to the children, teens, parents, and teachers.

Product ID: ANG-007
Price: $24.95

This book will give you a unique, practical collection of insights, techniques, activities and reproducible student worksheets to help persistently angry adolescents.  Using this resource, you will be able to quickly find strategies that best fit students with different kinds of anger problems.  These are categorized as five levels of anger intensity and strategies offered for each. In addition, 20 possible reasons are offered for anger in adolescents, and tips are given to share with parents.

Pages:  114

Product ID: BEH-018
Price: $89.95

Stress affects everyone, including you.  A small amount of stress can be good, especially if it serves as a motivating force.  However, the level of stress in a person's life can become unmanageable.  When you have many equally important responsibilities that require your attention simultaneously, you might not know what to do.  Understand the purpose of stress and learn how to handle it correctly.  Included are some effective strategies to help you cope with stress and provide you with better equipment to keep your cool the next time life threatens to stress you out!

Runtime:  26 mins

Product ID: ANG-012
Price: $7.99 $7.20

Stop getting mad... and start saving your life! Anger is more than just a negative emotion. It can also lead to heart disease and other life-threatening illnesses, according to the latest medical research. Anger Kills will help you assess just how much hostility, cynicism, and aggression rule your life. Incorporating recent scientific data and the methods developed in the authors'anger-reduction workshops, this useful guide explains how to recognize anger points and how to control them using seventeen proven, successful strategies, from deflecting anger to improving relationships to adopting a more positive attitude. The authors also provide practical solutions for effectively dealing with hostile people to help you improve and diminish painful encounters and enjoy a happier, more peaceful life.

Pages:  368

Product ID: ANG-013
Price: $1.99

When you are angry, your blood draws inward, causing your hands to turn cold and the card to turn black.  Give these cards to students to use throughout their day.  Have them place their thumb behind the card and watch for the color change to reveal how calm they can make themselves.  Four useful steps to anger control are provided on the back of each card.

Cards:  1

Product ID: ANG-016
Price: $89.95

Anger can generate a lot of trouble for us if we don't know how to control it properly.  If we don't manage it correctly, it can have harmful effects on our health and negatively affect our relationships with other people.  In this video, you'll learn what causes anger and understand why our bodies react as they do when we're angry.  Successful techniques for controlling anger are discussed, and you'll find that in the long run, issues that disturb you are more likely to be resolved when you change your thinking and communicate calmly.

Runtime:  21 mins

Product ID: ANG-021
Price: $10.00 $9.00

These guides contain information to provide parents, guardians, and concerned adults with a simple, effective way to help children handle their anger. This constructive skills in the anger management guide can last a lifetime and provide benefits in group activities, school, friendships and many other situations.

Pack:  25

Product ID: ANG-005
Price: $26.95

This innovative curriculum was developed for dealing with anger problems in students in grades 5-8.  It allows teachers the structure and flexibility to teach students new and creative ways to deal with their anger.  The units are filled with activities and games that will allow students to explore how they currently react to anger situations and to choose new and healthier ways to react.  The topics are divided into three sections;  Anger Educational Model, Anger Skills, and Interpersonal Skills.  This curriculum can be used in a step-by-step fashion beginning with unit one and ending with unit seven, or it can be used as completely independent studies on each unit topic.

Pages:  255

Product ID: ANG-034
Price: $15.95  $14.95

This book was written for parents and teachers so they can help children develop good qualities, such as integrity and compassion, and as they grow and mature, also build on such inherent qualities as kindness and trust.  It also provides useful guidance to help adults and provides many activities to promote children's happiness and love.  This parent and teacher guide will help to develop a childs self-discipline, concentration, and empathy.  Included are more than 90 exercises and techniques developed by the author, who was a teacher and director of the Living Wisdom School, which is a nonprofit elementary school that promotes nonsectarian spiritual principles and practical skills for living.

Pages:  228

Product ID: ANG-003
Price: $39.95

Many adults that are faced with a child or teenager's explosiveness are uncertain of how to respond.  Should I punish him for the outburst?  Do I try to be understanding of how she is feeling and overlook her ugly behavior?  In reality, these children are have difficulty managing their anger and need to be taught the skills necessary for coping with frustrating situations that demand flexibility.  The lack of these cognitive skills contributes to the angry outbursts.  Calming the Tempest provides parents, teachers, and caretakers with an understanding of, and an overview on, how to teach these skills at home and school.  This DVD features Ross Greene, Ph.D. and Stuart Ablon, Ph.D., co-directors of the Center for Collaborative Problem Solving.

Runtime:  35 mins

Product ID: BEH-003
Price: $12.95

All children can be challenging at some point in time, but some are more challenging than others.  Students with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties (SEBD) can be hard to support and teach.  This pocketbook can help you to do just that. Focusing on three particular behavior disorders: ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), CD (Conduct Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Fintan O'Regan, who is an internationally renowned expert on ADHD, explains why some children are prone to developing the attitude that they can't learn, won't learn or don't care.  He devotes particular chapters to each behavior pattern, and uses Vicki, Liam and Darren to illustrate typical characteristics.  Practical strategies include classroom scenarios, with example dialogues that show how different teacher responses can lead to different outcomes.  Whether you're looking for explanations, tips, ideas, or strategies, or maybe just reassurance and support, this book covers it all.

Pages:  128

Product ID: BEH-009
Price: $13.95 $12.55

Child Behavior has become classic reading for parents and professionals around the world since it was first published.  This authoritative guide offers the basics of child development, addressing exactly how children's bodies can affect their behavior.  The authors not only discuss what to do to treat specific behavior problems but actually advise parents on how, in many instances, they can prevent many common and more serious problems.

Pages:  360

Product ID: ANG-008
Price: $22.95

This book is a practical resource of approaches, techniques, and activities for helping chronically angry children.  This book provides teachers, counselors, parents, and other professionals with a number of helpful strategies for dealing with the challenges they face when attempting to reach these children.  The first part of this book covers the causes and effects of anger problems and roadblocks to anger management.  Next, the creative strategies are featured, including 24 reproducible skill sheets.  After that, the book focuses on techniques and approaches designed especially for parents.  In the final section, there is a list of Do's and Don'ts concerning medications for anger-related problems in children.

Pages:  112

Product ID: ANG-030
Price: $10.95  $9.95

This book helps children to develop the skills of anger management, and to behave in a responsible manner for both themselves and others. We know that everybody gets angry, and its good for children to learn to realize and understand their feelings of anger, convey them, and build skills to deal with anger in a correct manner. They will learn that it is normal to get angry, but also understand that it's not good to harm anyone physically or verbally. Supportive and compassionate, the book helps preschool and primary children realize that when they cool down and work through anger, they can feel peaceful again.

Pages 40

Product ID: ANG-015
Price: $49.95

Uncontrolled anger can have destructive results for everyone involved.  This video defines anger, and also explains how to help manage it by identifying certain strategies that allow you to control your feelings of anger.

Runtime:  12 mins

Product ID: BEH-007
Price: $13.95 $12.55

Have you ever opened your mouth to discipline your child, and your parents' nastiest words tumble out?  These days, most parenting books focus on the child.  This book supports parents in dealing more positively with themselves as well as their toddler-to-school-age children, offering specific tools to stop policing and pleading with kids and start being the parents we want to be.  Based on Dr. Bailey's more than 25 years of work with children, this book explains that how we discipline ourselves is ultimately how we discipline our children.  Her "Seven Powers for Self-Control" dramatically increase our ability to keep our cool with our children.  They correspond to "Seven Basic Discipline Skills" we can use with our children in conflict situations.  As children internalize these skills, they naturally learn "Seven Values for Living," which include integrity, respect, compassion, and responsibility.

Pages:  284

Product ID: ANG-031
Price: $14.95 $13.95

In this book, you'll learn how to deal with a disobedient child or teenager who is difficult to handle. If your child has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), or is constantly getting into trouble at school, there are practical ways to guide such oppositional energy and determination. Dr. John F. Taylor will tell you how to accomplish this, by giving hundreds of specific suggestions on how to live with a defiant and challenging child. Anybody who deals with difficult children, young adults or teens will also discover how to access the potential of these natural-born leaders and learn how to understand why an oppositional attitude exists, how to open up safer opportunities for children to express their needs and wants, be able to enhance communication, avoid common mistakes, reduce undesirable behavior, teach a child self-control, and a lot more!

Pages:  226

Product ID: ANG-004
Price: $22.95

Some girls can find it very difficult to forgive and forget when relationship hurts are deep and friendships fractured. Girl Grudges:  Learning How to Forgive and Live, was written by two experts with many years of experience, and has helped to address deep-seated conflicts that cause ongoing pain for everyone. This book offers a variety of practical and educational activities to help girls in middle and high school either one-on-one or in groups.  It is based on the ERA model (Educate, Relate, and Integrate) that first exposes girls to new information, and then helps them apply this to their own situations.  Finally, it encourages internalization of healthier relationship alternatives.

Pages:  72

Product ID: ANG-026
Price: $19.95 $17.95

The resistant, defiant, adolescent youth is created from years of experiencing disrespect and failure, making bad choices, and disregarding the feelings and rights of others. By using this book, these defiant young people can be helped to become more emotionally connected with school through the Native American lesson that all things are connected. Using the philosophy that we should strive to keep in a harmonious coexistence with everything in our natural environment, we can help students reconnect to society, to school and to themselves. This book can help you to better reach those kids who may have previously appeared "unreachable" and help them to become more highly motivated learners in school. It contains Native American quotes, hands-on activities, checklists, and reproducible worksheets that students will enjoy as they learn the valuable lessons. The lessons can be used with individuals, small groups, and/or classrooms.

Pages:  196

Product ID: ANG-027
Price: $23.95 $21.50

The resistant, defiant, adolescent youth is created from years of experiencing disrespect and failure, making bad choices, and disregarding the feelings and rights of others. By using this book, these defiant young people can be helped to become more emotionally connected with school through the Native American lesson that all things are connected. Using the philosophy that we should strive to keep in a harmonious coexistence with everything in our natural environment, we can help students reconnect to society, to school and to themselves. This book can help you to better reach those kids who may have previously appeared "unreachable" and help them to become more highly motivated learners in school. It contains Native American quotes, hands-on activities, checklists, and reproducible worksheets that students will enjoy as they learn the valuable lessons. The lessons can be used with individuals, small groups, and/or classrooms.

Pages:  112

Product ID: ANG-006
Price: $21.95

This book contains a user friendly collection of 160 alphabetized, anger management quick tips and strategies.  It was written by a school counselor and a former principal, for teachers, administrators, counselors, resource officers, social workers, psychologists and parents. It assumes that anger related behavior is often unplanned and unintended, related to delays in developmental and problems with skills of flexibility and the ability to tolerate frustration.  Angry students are at a greater risk of being left behind. Additionally, the book focuses on proactive, rather than reactive solutions.

Pages:  112

Product ID: ANG-009
Price: $24.95

This book provides 101 1/2 resources, strategies, insights, and reproducible worksheets for professionals who work with girls that are Relationally Aggressive (RA), and the young people who have been victimized by this type of bullying.  The strategies in this book were created to increase awareness of Relational Aggression (RA), encourage empathy and tolerance, and improve self-control and coping skills.  The underlying causes of RA are explored, particularly in girls.  Other forms of RA are explored including cyber-bullying and other types of electronic bullying. Included are reproducible lessons and activities for individuals, small groups, classrooms, and entire schools.

Pages:  128

Product ID: VIO-002
Price:  $99.95

Your favorite team is losing the biggest game of the year, or a car cuts you off, or for some other reason you get angry and just want to scream!!!  Rage takes over and you've lost all control.  Find out what rage is and what situations can elicit this extreme response.  Also, find out what to do to stop rage before it starts.

Runtime:  27 mins

Product ID: ANG-001
Price: $64.95 $58.45

On many school campuses, anger is a growing problem for students.  Anger is often the most powerful emotion for teens, and it can reveal a deep assortment of underlying emotions.  This video covers teen anger, and shows why anger can just be the tip of an emotional iceberg.   Students will discover methods for recognizing anger in all its forms and understand how to cope with it.  They learn what leads up to anger and how to diffuse angry or violent situations.  They'll also learn about anger and home life, and why covering up anger is dangerous.  Students learn how to maintain positive attitudes and how to deal with this negative emotion in a positive way.  Teens discuss anger in a revealing set of interviews.

Runtime:  20 mins

Product ID: VIO-005
Price:  $49.95

The United States has been plagued with many acts of teen violence that have resulted in tragedy.  We often wonder what could cause seemingly normal teenagers to act out in violence and vandalism.  Some people believe that feelings of isolation and alienation have fueled these acts.  By watching this video, you'll have the opportunity to face issues dealing with social alienation, and stop the violence.

Runtime:  22 mins

Product ID: BUL-096
Price: $49.95 $44.95

That's Enough is a fictional drama about the relationship between youth bullying and school shootings.  It examines what can happen when a high school student is mercilessly teased, socially excluded, and physically wounded.  It challenges middle and high school students to explore bullying at their schools and the cliques, struggles, and ostracizing that may result, and in some cases, has resulted shootings and youth suicides.  This video is directed by Jack Revheim, a seventeen-year old Central High School (St. Paul, MN) exchange student from Norway.  The screenplay is co-authored by Jack Revheim and Dr. Michael Obsatz, Associate Professor of Sociology, Macalester College, (St. Paul, MN), author of the award-winning book, Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World, and violence prevention educator.  Dr. Obsatz is also the executive producer.

Runtime:  20 mins

Product ID: ANG-033
Price: $14.95  $13.95

If a child's anger causes a strain in the family that affects every member, and can potentially jeopardize his school and social life, it's time for a parent to wonder if the child is too angry and needs help. Dr. Tim Murphy is a child psychologist that has helped many families to understand both the reasons and the consequences of childhood anger, and tells how to create successful strategies for defusing the potentially explosive situation. By using straightforward techniques, Dr. Murphy shows how to help a child understand what is causing them to be angry, and then develops new approaches for coping with the situation. By identifying the ten distinct characteristics of an angry child, he gives examples from his clinical experience to help adults direct their children to more suitable responses.

Pages:  256

Product ID: BEH-008
Price: $13.95 $12.55

A revolutionary new approach to understanding and parenting children who frequently exhibit severe fits of temper and other intractable behaviors, from a distinguished clinician and pioneer in this field, now updated to include the most recent research.  Everyone knows an explosive child that has had frequent, extreme fits of temper, and leaves his or her parents standing helpless in their fear, frustration.  Most of these parents have tried everything, from reasoning, behavior modification, therapy, medication, and have been unsuccessful.  They wonder if their child is abnormal or just plain bad.

Pages:  318

Product ID: ANG-032
Price: $15.00 $14.00

In this book, you discover ways to stop your toddler's unacceptable behavior, curb their annoying behavior, and increase your child's good behavior. Learn how to soothe his stormy outbursts with amazing success and better yet, stop these outbursts before they begin! In one of the best parenting books of past ten years, Dr. Karp shows that toddlers often act in a very uncivilized way with a primitive way of thinking and communicating that's all their own. In this revised edition of his parenting classic, Dr. Karp has made his inventive approach easier to implement than ever before. By combining his tools of Toddler-ese and the Fast-Food Rule with a very effective new green light/yellow light/red light method for molding toddler behavior, Dr. Karp offers parents a fast solutions for today's busy and stressed parents. Additionally, the new thirty-item glossary of his parenting techniques will save you precious time when you need to instantly calm an uncontrollable child.

Authors:  Harvey Karp, M.D.
Pages:  336

Product ID: VIO-003
Price: $59.95

Everyone experiences feelings of anger from time to time;  It's only human.  However, anger is a explosive emotion, and if it's not controlled, can often result in an act of violence.  By learning how to deal directly with our anger and knowing how to channel it in positive ways can help us to make the best of a bad situation.

Runtime:  19 mins

Product ID: VIO-007
Price:  $39.95

It has been reported that as many as 160,000 guns are carried into classrooms by teens on any given day.  At least fifteen youths die each day in the U.S. alone from gunshot wounds.  In this hard-hitting video, we examine this waste of lives and their dreams of these teens.

Pages:  50 mins

Product ID: ANG-011
Price: $9.95 $8.95

This informative, spiral-bound book contains activities, book lists and thoughts from Fred Rogers about helping young children learn to manage anger. The Mad Feelings Activity Book is designed to complement the What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel? training workshop, but even those who have not participated in a workshop will find it to be a helpful classroom or child care resource.  It includes: Fred Rogers' timeless wisdom about children, anger, and self-control; A focus on the important role of the adult; Descriptions of the four stages of developing self-control; Eight easy-to-do developmentally-appropriate activities for each stage, that cover a variety of domains; Ideas for how to determine which activities to offer; An extended booklist about anger for children at various ages and situations; A resource list of books about anger for adults.

Pages:  60

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