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Autism is a complex disorder that has long puzzled parents and experts, and it's very distressing to learn that your child has been diagnosed with autism. Doctors usually gave parents almost no hope for fighting the disorder, but in recent years, new treatments and therapies have shown that it is possible to improve. Children have even overcome the effects of autism when correct therapies are started soon enough, and with this intensive, early intervention, some children have been integrated into school and are impossible to differentiate from other students. With this book, you'll be able to: discover ten things you can do to begin battling your child's autism immediately; See why Applied Behavior Analysis has become the most chosen treatment and examine its impressive results; Get information on advanced biomedical treatments such as secretin and immunotherapy; Learn how dietary changes can positively impact your child's behavior; Find out how additional therapies can help, including sensory and auditory integration; Explore caring ways to keep your family together when your life has been devastated by autism.

Authors:  Lynn M. Hamilton
Pages:  384

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