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Product ID: AUT-017
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There are many people with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) that are remarkably proficient at remembering how things look and sound, even years after an event.  They're also good at rote learning and establishing habits and routines.  Some of them even have encyclopaedic memories.   Unfortunately, all individuals with ASD have difficulty in recalling personal memories and reliving experiences, and less able people may have additional difficulty in memorizing facts.  This book assembles new research on memory in autism to examine why this happens and the effects it has on peoples lives.  The contributors make use of recent advances in the understanding of normal memory systems and their breakdown as frameworks for analyzing the neuropsychology and neurobiology of memory in autism.  The unique patterning of memory functions across the spectrum illuminates difficulties with sense of self, emotion processing, mental time travel, language and learning, providing a window into the nature and causes of autism itself.

Authors:  Jill Boucher and Dermot Bowler
Pages:  385

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