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Mother Warriors
Product ID: AUT-013
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When Jenny McCarthy's book, Louder Than Words, was published, the story of her successful efforts to saver her son, Evan, from autism, received a tremendous response.  After hitting # 3 on the New York Times bestseller list, Jenny and Evan were featured on the covers of several magazines, including People.  What she hadn't anticipated, was the overwhelming response form other parents of autistic children, who sought her out to share their stories.  No two autistic children heal in exactly the same way, and with her new book, Jenny expands her message to share recovery stories from parents across the country.  Mother Warriors tells how each parent fought to find their own child's perfect "remedy of interventions" and teachers parents how to navigate safely through the many autism therapies.  Jenny shares her own journey as an autism advocate and mother as well as the progress of her son, Evan.  Touching and genuinely practical, Mother Warriors will inspire a generation of parents with hope.

Authors:  Jenny McCarthy
Pages:  248

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