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In this book, the author explains the most current information about reading problems, along with verified, useful techniques that together with hard work and the correct help can enable anyone, including intelligent people to conquer these problems. She offers clear, practical, scientific information and advice as the tools that parents and teachers need to help dyslexic children of various ages and grades to gradually obtain successful results. The book covers topics that include: what dyslexia is, how to identify dyslexia at any age, from preschoolers to adults, locating the best school for your child, and learning how to work effectively with their teacher. It also includes exercises to show children how to use the areas of the brain that control reading, a 20-minute nightly home plan to improve reading ability, the 150 most common problem words to give your child an advantage, useful ways to raise and maintain a child's self-esteem and reveal their strengths, and also tells the stories of successful adults who are dyslexic.

Authors:  Sally Shaywitz, M.D.
Pages:  432

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