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Product ID: BEH-102
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In this book, children learn to calm down in a quiet place where they can take time to get a hug or sing to themselves, cry or be held in a grown-ups arms, talk about feelings, and take a deep breath. Then, after a calming break, toddlers will feel peaceful again. This book gives a new perspective to a routine that children go through, sometimes on a daily basis, and presents young children with a great way to handle temper tantrums and strong feelings with confidence. It can be used any time toddlers need encouragement with social skills, or everyday events and transitions.

Author:  Elizabeth Verdick, Marieka Heinlen - Illustrator
Pages:  24

Calm-Down Time Calm-Down Time
Front and Back Covers

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  Calm-Down Time Calm-Down Time
Sample & Table of Contents
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