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Product ID: BEH-082
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This conflict management guide contains 20 easy-to-use lessons, role-playing activities, reproducible handouts, parent information and a full color poster set. Additionally, there are fun puppet show scripts that focus on four fundamental skills children can use to help manage their anger and conflicts between themselves. The information for parents corresponds to each lesson skill, and is included in the format of school newsletter articles and letters to the parents to inform them about what their children are learning and how they can help at home.

The activities are designed to teach students how to:

  • Facts First: How to get all the facts rather than jump to conclusions
  • Madness Management: How to constructively release angry feelings without hurting themselves, property, or others
  • Caring Communication: How to listen to others' feelings and express their own feeling in caring ways
  • Timely Tools: How to use the "12 Tools" to manage conflicts peacefully. Develop a school-wide Coping with Conflict program!

Author: Diane S. Senn and Gwen M. Sitsch
Pages: 128

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