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Product ID: BEH-022
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For many young people, peer pressure is an everyday event.  Many situations they have to face are fairly benign, while others may be unsafe and involve potentially life-altering choices.  The decisions they may have to make include abusing illegal drugs, having sex, cheating on an exam, or committing an act of vandalism.  When faced with pressure to participate in unsafe or illegal activities, it is vital for an individual to have developed refusal skills that hold up under pressure.  In some cases, there may not be anyone else around with the experience or wisdom to help young people make good choices.  They must rely on an established set of principles, their own good judgment, refusal skills and avoidance strategies.  Successfully doing so can mean the difference between a positive future and lifelong regret.

Learning objectives for this DVD include:
  • Learn why it is so difficult to say No to others
  • Look at peer pressure and its influence

Runtime:  28 mins

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