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Product ID: ADHD-008
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Using three points of view; the parent's, the therapist's, and the child's make this the most practical guide on the market for raising a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or other behavioral issues.
Traditional discipline and parenting books aren't effective for parents who are dealing with kids with ADHD, OCD, depression or other disorders.  They need a guide that will help them with the various discipline and organization challenges that kids with these issues have.  When getting up, going to school, completing homework, helping with chores, and getting to bed all become battlegrounds, the step-by-step proven techniques presented here will help parents achieve peace in their households. 

It will teach parents how to:
  • Engage in proactive, not reactive, parenting
  • Discipline consistently and effectively
  • Deal with stalling, forgetting, overreacting, and other everyday behavior problems
  • Work with the child's teachers, and more.

Author:  Janet E. Heininger Ph D and Sharon Weiss
Pages:  326

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