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How do you say to your toddler that no means no, and tell him so that he’ll understand?  Pediatrician, Dr. Wilkoff says that when it comes to little children, actions speak louder than words.  By using very direct and simple steps, he will show you how to create a reliable and effective discipline plan.  He also shows what can go wrong with time-out and how to defeat barriers, including your child’s physical space issues, rebelliousness, and your own unwillingness.  He also presents useful advice for those more challenging situations, such as saying no at meal times, at grandma’s house, or when your child is sick.  By using his considerate and practical approach, Dr. Wilkoff shows how you can react to the misbehavior of toddlers and at the same time, teaching them the self-discipline that will benefit them throughout their lives.  This book is the perfect resource for any parent who wants to take a more active, effective approach for raising happy, well-behaved children.

Author:  Will Wilkoff, M.D.
Pages:  224

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How to Say No to Your Toddler How to Say No to Your Toddler
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