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Product ID: BEH-024
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The terrifying feeling of being unsure of yourself and your abilities, as a result of self-doubt, can be a problem all by itself.  It's even worse when feelings of self-doubt are combined with the sudden emergence of an overwhelming obstacle, which makes the situation emotionally crippling.  This situation can negatively impact a person's state of mind, and many people usually give up when confronted by such situations because they don't know how to deal with them.  There are few problems that cannot be solved when people learn to overcome their feelings of self-doubt and learn to manage overwhelming situations.  This video contains simple, yet positive strategies that can help transform feelings of fear into feelings of triumph and confidence. 

Learning objectives for this DVD include:

  • Learn about psychologically overwhelming obstacles
  • Learn about the physical and emotional effects that people have when they encounter an obstacle
  • Learn the definition of self-doubt
  • Explore how the feelings associated with self-doubt can lead to stress
  • Learn what it means to have a sense of purpose, and why this is important
  • Examine specific strategies for overcoming feelings of self-doubt
  • Explore positive strategies for defeating overwhelming obstacles

Runtime:  28 mins

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