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This book, written by a bestselling parenting author, explains how to make time-out a more positive learning experience for children, since it is one of the most popular disciplinary methods used in homes and schools today. It is supposed to be a positive, encouraging, experience for children, but it may have the opposite effect, becoming penalizing, unproductive, and destructive to their tender minds. With this book, you'll understand how positive time-outs can teach children the skills needed for self-restraint and give them many important qualities, such as self-confidence and ability to solve their own problems. You'll also see how to: make time-out a valuable, motivating experience; develop a plan of attack to avoid losing control with children; give power to children by making them part of the behavior changing process, and understand the misguided goals of negative behavior.

Author:  Jane Nelsen, ED.D.
Pages:  192

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  Postive Time-Out Postive Time-Out
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