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Product ID: BEH-036
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Developing self-esteem and social resilience in students is fundamental to creating a safe, happy learning environment.  This book addresses these issues.  You can help your students develop skills in self-management, decision making, communication, goal setting, and cooperation.  Each lesson in Self-Esteem, Grades 4-5, includes a teacher page with objectives, pre-lesson discussion, and follow-up suggestions along with student reproducible page with clear instructions.

The activities are organized into six areas:

  • Me
  • My Image
  • Feelings
  • Friends
  • Making and Keeping Friends
  • Getting Along with Others

The topics in each book have been carefully selected to ensure they are age-appropriate, with a view to building self-worth and establishing resilience in challenging situations.  All activities are suitable for whole-class instruction or for use with individuals or small groups with particular needs.

Pages:  128

Front and Back Covers

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Sample &  Table of Contents
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