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Boys tend to have more problems than girls, starting in preschool, where they get expelled almost five times more than girls. Through elementary school, they're diagnosed four times as often as girls with learning disorders, and by the time they reach the eighth grade, many are reading below the necessary level. In high school, they're in the minority in most advanced classes. They show lack of interest in most extra-curricular activities, except for athletics. According to statistics, boys now account for less than 43 percent of those enrolled in college, and their numbers continue to decrease. The author explains how the educational process is failing our boys, and why this is occurring. She has interviewed large numbers of experts, parents, kids, teachers, and examines the statistics. In this book, she describes why the system needs to change, and the right way to make this happen.

Author:  Peg Tyre
Pages:  320

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  The Trouble with Boys The Trouble with Boys
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