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Product ID: BEH-087
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This book contains practical ideas to help teachers deal with disruptive students. You'll find it to be a very enjoyable read, although it takes a firm tone. It's sprinkled with short stories, poems, mottoes, affirmations, checklists, and valuable reproducible activities. You'll learn about the Wandering Tattler, Bully Box, The Worry Wall, The Un-teachable, Soothing Stones, and the Use of Mnemonics. Students will love the stories of "The Listening Skulls" and "Booker T. Washington's Most Valuable Lesson". The book ends with a detailed description of the Back-Up unit which is a program based on a ten year study that helped one school decrease discipline problems by nearly 80%. Warning: Some of the strategies are considered a bit extreme by some teachers, so you need to use your best judgment!

Author:  Tom Carr, M.S., L.P.C
Pages:  104

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