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This book contains 121 Strategies for ending bullying in your school. It was created with the best practices of top principals, teachers, guidance counselors, and resource officers, and offers a complete array of quick and practical solutions to what many experts call our nation's worst school problem today, which is bullying. By using the suggestions, hints, and advice in this book, you will immediately create a No-More-Bullying atmosphere in your classroom, your cafeteria, school, and community. The book teaches all educators, related professionals, parents, and students how to quickly spot the red flags of bully potential and how to deal with them. It also shows how to recognize the various types of bullies, including the hitters and haters, controllers, Bully cliques, and even potential killers. This valuable resource will strengthen school spirit, build self-esteem, frees students to concentrate on their learning, and inspire anti-bullying life skills. Also included are lesson plans, reproducible activity sheets, quizzes, check lists, and more.

Author:  Erika Shearin Karres, Ed.D.
Pages:  168

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