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Product ID: BUL-086
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This instructional DVD provides a balanced look at the problem of bullying from all perspectives, and then provides a useful advice that covers the broad spectrum of solutions available to a child on a case by case basis.  Bully 911 is an easy to learn, step-by-step video that addresses a variety of issues, concerns and threats.  Levels of protection taught range from mild, moderate to more forceful.  This gives you a chance to work with and speak with your child on the heartbreaking topic of bullying and helps you learn how to handle a bully together!  Don't let your child be victimized by the mental and physical harm from bullying and its effects that can last well beyond their childhood years!  What have you got to lose except...your child's fears and worries.

Runtime:  26 mins

Bullying 911 DVD Bullying 911 DVD
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