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Product ID: BUL-092
Price: $44.95
Naomi is having a difficult time.  She is dealing with the tragic death of her immediate family and living with her loving grandparents for away from old friends.  Unfortunately, she is also being verbally and emotionally bullied by uncaring kids at her new school.  Although she is more than willing to help, Naomi's loving grandmother is having her own problems with nightmares centering on a moon-faced doll that is actually in Naomi's room.  Is "Someone" reaching out from the past to help Grandma and Naomi?  Why is the doll an important part of the story?  Your students will discover the answers to these questions and more, in this story and spine tingling mystery, centered on childhood bullying.  This presentation also includes a study guide.  This DVD is geared towards grades 5 to 9.

Runtime:  38 mins

Front and Back Covers

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