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In this student workbook, your fourth and fifth grade students will find information and activities to help them explore and remember the key concepts of the sessions.  They will find everything they need to take the No-Bullying pledge, show the No-Bullying symbol, figure out what's happening in their class and in their school, and how to find out where they fit in.  They will learn the difference between tattling and telling.  Your students will discover where bullying and being bullied come from and how they feel-and how to put their Power Tools to work to keep those feeling out of school.  This is part of the No-Bullying Program - Preventing Bullying at School.   We've retooled No-Bullying to make it easier to use and adapt to your lesson plans.

In positive language, the curriculum helps you:

  • Make your classroom a safe, secure setting in which kids can thrive
  • Distinguish between bullying and peer-to-peer conflict
  • Hold students accountable even when you didn't witness the act

No-Bullying was rated in the top 10 by the American Association of School Administrators as an outstanding violence prevention program.

The Audience - No-Bullying is a classroom-wide curriculum that speaks to:
  • Students in grade school and middle school
  • Teachers

The Training - No-Bullying is a classroom-wide curriculum that speaks to:
  • How to successfully respond in order to stop bullying
  • Effective methods to hold students accountable for bullying

Author:  Beverly B. Title, PH.D and James Bitney
30 Pack

Front and Back Covers
Bullying at School Teacher's Manual Grades 4 and 5 Bullying at School Teacher's Manual Grades 4 and 5
Sample and Table Of Contents
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