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Product ID: BUL-100
Price: $79.95

Bullying hurts, and scares many people. It also causes anxiety, and disrupts lives. This comprehensive program will provide solid advice for understanding and dealing with bullies, and viewers will learn the causes and effects of bullying. Why do they do it, and what do they stand to gain? Most importantly, viewers learn the things they can do if they are the victim of a bully. They will learn it's NOT their fault; where they can go for help; and what specific steps they can take to stop the abuse. This video includes interviews, teen bullies, and experts on bullying. Bullying can take many forms, including name calling, teasing, hitting, humiliating, stealing, and spreading rumors. These are just some of the tactics bullies use to harass their targets. A bully tries to make the victim feel inadequate in some way., but in most cases, they are covering up their own inadequacies. This timely resource can be used by the victim, as well as the bully, to help them understand how to deal with bullying.

Runtime:  20 mins

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