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The Educational Resources Store contains educational books and videos for children, teens, parents and teachers about adolescence and growing up. The books and videos featured on this site cover a wide range of topics. You will find topics ranging from infant education to dealing with teens with different and sometimes difficult situations. The books and DVDs contain information at all levels, including books, DVDs, games and posters geared to the children, teens, parents, and teachers.

Product ID: BUL-012
Price: $99.95

Every day, in schools and in other institutions, aggressive, harassing acts are carried out with frightening regularity.  The oppression and intimidation caused by bullies can make it almost impossible to concentrate upon an education or a career.  Cycles of violence can be broken by confronting and eradicating environments in which bullies thrive.  By using education, empowerment, commitment, and unity, socially maladjusted individuals can be convinced to stop their abuse.

Runtime: 26 mins

Product ID: BUL-014
Price:  $39.95

As long as there have been schools, there have been bullies that tease, threaten and physically harm their peers.  We know today that bullying has serious consequences for both the victims and the bullies, ranging from low self-esteem to suicide.  Bullying: What Every Adult Needs to Know gives adults the tools and knowledge they need to prevent and stop bullying among young people.  This DVD, featuring professionals and young people, educates parents, teachers, and anyone who works with young people about what bullying is and what they can do to help deal with bullying in a healthy way.

Runtime:  30 mins

Product ID: BUL-018
Price: $27.95 $25.15

Cyber bullying has become more prevalent through the use of e-mail, instant messages, chat rooms, and other digital messaging systems, and brings many unique challenges.  This book provides the most current and essential information on the nature and prevalence of this epidemic, providing educators, parents, psychologists and policy-makers with critical prevention techniques and strategies for effectively addressing electronic bullying.

Pages:  228

Product ID: BUL-028
Price: $9.95 $8.95

This book is for all of us who always felt outside the norm in school.  Many of us were not necessarily Nerds or Intellectuals, but none the less, were never very popular in High School.  Maybe we were different for various reasons, but we new our talents would eventually serve as a foundation for success.  We, the Wusses, are a diverse group: Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Bankers, Artists, Comedians, and many others who learned early how to thrive in adversity and can now look back and laugh.

Pages:  112

Product ID: BUL-054
Price: $64.95  $58.45

In this educational DVD, You'll hear from Real Teens as they discuss their views on Cyber-Bullying.  Cyber-bullying is any form of harassment that occurs via the internet.  Vicious forum posts, name calling in chat rooms, posting fake profiles on web sites and mean or cruel email messages are all considered types of bullying.  While Cyber-Bullying mainly takes place on line, other high tech methods like threatening text messages and taunting voicemails also fall under this category.  In some States, Cyber-bullying is a crime that can even lead to death.  This DVD is geared towards teens grades 8-12.  This program has recommended companion title: Bullies and Harassment.

Runtime:  18 mins

Product ID: BUL-011
Price: $24.95 $22.45

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than two million workers in the United States are victims of workplace violence each year, and this leads to millions of dollars lost in employee productivity.  Many people think that bullying occurs only among school-age children and fail to acknowledge the presence and devastating effects of bullying in the workplace.  It's time for this destructive issue to be addressed and resolved; however, you may be asking yourself how to accomplish such a task.  The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies & Bullying at Work will provide you with valuable information on the topic, as well as unique solutions to the problem.

Pages:  295

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