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Product ID: BUL-097
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We know that school bus drivers are very well-trained, but they do not have control over other driver's actions.  Because of this, communication between the students and the driver is very necessary.  In this video, Bobby, a third grader, copes with some events where he is treated with a lack of respect by some other students.  On his third day at school, he is excited about a good report from his teacher and is eager to share it with his mother.  Unfortunately, Bobby makes a big mistake when he does not follow the instructions for crossing safely in front of the bus.  A distracted driver ignores safety procedures, and Bobby is hit by the car.  While Bobby's friends and classmates wait to learn about the outcome, viewers have time to reflect on the importance of following safe procedures.  A joint venture between the Ohio Association of Pupil Transportation and The Broken Toy Project, this color unrated educational drama on DVD features students from the Worthington City Schools.  This intense, disturbing film makes it a good discussion-starting tool for children fifth grade, and under.  While the procedures followed in the film are based on Ohio rules, students and drivers in all states can benefit from viewing this film.

Runtime: 21 minutes

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