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ClickN KIDS® - Educational Reading & Spelling Programs for Kids

World's Best Beginning and Spelling Programs Money Can Buy!

  • ClickN KIDS® software simulates a live classroom like experience
  • Covers complete Pre-K to 5th grade reading and spelling curiculums in an easy to use software
  • Guaranteed to work for beginning, struggling and disabled children and teenagers
  • Contains comprehensive lesson reports which demonstrate how you child is making progress
  • No Software to install! Use it from any country in the world
  • 60 Day money back guaranteed!
Click N Read Phonics teaches reading to children  BEH-103
$99.95  $59.95 / Additional Child for $19.95
Click N Read Phonics Sample screen Kids 4 and up can now learn to read at 3rd grade level.

Teaches entire Pre-K to 3rd grade reading curriculum taught in USA schools to kids 4 and up through a fun and interactive computer program.

Any Child can learn to read with this effective program designed by Dr. J Ron Nelson.

Click N Spell teaches spelling to children  BEH-104
$89.95  $49.95 / Additional Child for $14.95
Click N Spell Sample screen Teaches spelling for 800 most commonly used words.

Teaches 800 of the most commonly used words in the english language to kids 4 and up through a fun and comprehensive computer program.

Any child including childrent with disabilities can learn using Dr. J Ron Nelson's Curriculum.

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