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It may be difficult to believe that it is possible to have a good divorce, but the author says that while divorce is sometimes necessary, even friendly divorces can create long term, emotional problems in the lives of the children.  After a family divides in two, the children who stay connected with both parents need to travel between two worlds, trying alone to bring together each parents’ dissimilar thinking, values, and ways of living.  Elizabeth Marquardt is also a child of divorce, and was determined to discover the truth.  She conducted, along with Professor Norval Glenn, a ground-breaking national study of children of divorce, by surveying 1,500 young adults from both divorced and intact families between 2001 and 2003.  In this book, she merges the findings of that study together with powerful, difficult stories of the childhoods of many young people from divorced families.  This book is valuable reading for anyone who grew up going between the different worlds of each parent.

Authors:  Elizabeth Marquardt
Pages:  288

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