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The Educational Resources Store contains educational books and videos for children, teens, parents and teachers about adolescence and growing up. The books and videos featured on this site cover a wide range of topics. You will find topics ranging from infant education to dealing with teens with different and sometimes difficult situations. The books and DVDs contain information at all levels, including books, DVDs, games and posters geared to the children, teens, parents, and teachers.

Product ID: DIV-011
Price: $13.95 $12.95

It may be difficult to believe that it is possible to have a good divorce, but the author says that while divorce is sometimes necessary, even friendly divorces can create long term, emotional problems in the lives of the children.  After a family divides in two, the children who stay connected with both parents need to travel between two worlds, trying alone to bring together each parents? dissimilar thinking, values, and ways of living.  Elizabeth Marquardt is also a child of divorce, and was determined to discover the truth.  She conducted, along with Professor Norval Glenn, a ground-breaking national study of children of divorce, by surveying 1,500 young adults from both divorced and intact families between 2001 and 2003.  In this book, she merges the findings of that study together with powerful, difficult stories of the childhoods of many young people from divorced families.  This book is valuable reading for anyone who grew up going between the different worlds of each parent.

Pages:  288

Product ID: BEH-009
Price: $13.95 $12.55

Child Behavior has become classic reading for parents and professionals around the world since it was first published.  This authoritative guide offers the basics of child development, addressing exactly how children's bodies can affect their behavior.  The authors not only discuss what to do to treat specific behavior problems but actually advise parents on how, in many instances, they can prevent many common and more serious problems.

Pages:  360

Product ID: DIV-012
Price: $19.00 $18.00

In this book, you will find ways to help yourself and your children through the problems that arise from divorce.  As a parent, you are most concerned about how your children will be affected.  Your job is to bring them through the process and lead them to a happier life.  By avoiding the pitfalls that can occur, you can be very successful in making them feel as comfortable and secure as possible.

Pages:  284

Product ID: DIV-004
Price: $10.00 $9.00

These guides contain information that will provide parents with a simple, effective way to give emotional support to their child. These attractive and effective pamphlets include over twenty helpful hints for parents to help their children through their parent's divorce.


Product ID: DIV-003
Price: $19.95 $17.95

This video features an exciting, fast paced quiz show game with music and colorful animation. The purpose of the program is to present children with a wide range of options to help them their parent's divorce and remarriage. Players earn or lose points based on the quality of the solutions chosen. This presentation provides a basis for lively classroom discussion, and it's a great addition to your lending library Also included is a CD-ROM containing reproducible activities.

Runtime:  23 mins

Product ID: FAM-010
Price: $10.95 $9.95

For many different reasons, families change over time. Sometimes a baby is born, or an adult gets married, or maybe a child gets a new foster parent or a new adopted mom or dad. Children needs to know that if this happens, it?s not their fault. They need to understand that they should still value and love their birth family as well as their new foster family. Using straightforward words and full color, supportive illustrations, this book offers hope for children facing or experiencing change. It also includes resources and information for birth parents, foster parents, social workers, counselors, and teachers.

Pages:  32

Product ID: DIV-013
Price: $20.00 $18.95

During a divorce, everything becomes more difficult and complicated, but your children still need all the caring and guidance you can give them. This book is based on Gary Neuman's incredibly successful Sandcastles program. It has helped thousands of children cope with divorce, and can help you as well. It's a caring, compassionate guide that covers the following issues that can arise from a divorce, such as: building a co-parenting relationship, determining when you or your child should see a therapist, scripts for addressing sensitive issues, how to deal with a parent moving away, how to stop fighting with your ex-spouse, navigating the emotional chaos of custody and visitation, helping your child deal with the change and normal fears after separation, and how to help your child cope with a new stepfamily.

Pages:  480

Product ID: DIV-008
Price: $24.95  $22.45

The Lemons 2 Lemonade DVD is a creative and insightful video that gives children the opportunity to receive positive, healthy information about how families change when divorce happens. It's a cheerful and entertaining program, and a great way to for kids dealing with the topic of divorce to understand what's happening. The video contains a diverse cast of kids and adults and not only answers children's questions, but offers them the means to deal with difficult real life situations.

Runtime:  45 mins

Product ID: DIV-007
Price: $9.95  $8.95

This workbook contains interesting exercises, including a feelings thermometer, secret messages, color pages and lists that parents and children can work on together. It was imaginatively designed to help children share their feelings, while reinforcing the positive concepts offered in the Lemons 2 Lemonade DVD program. This workbook allows children to not only develop important skills while having fun, but it also directs them to put those skills into practice.

Pages:  75

Product ID: DIV-009
Price: $32.95  $29.65

For the best value, order the DVD program and workbook together to get the complete program for your child at a discounted rate.

Runtime:  (DVD) 45 min. and 75-page workbook

Product ID: DIV-001
Price:  $29.95

The greatest concern for almost all divorcing parents is how their children will be hurt by the breakup.  Divorce is a very traumatic event in a child's life, and parents want to know what they should do to help their children.  To parents and adults who work with children, Raising Children of Divorce will give concrete ways to help children through divorce.  Hosted by Dr. Philip Stahl, this video is an invaluable resource in leading children through oneof the most difficult times they will ever face.  In this video, you;ll find helpful information and insights on:

Runtime:  30 mins

Product ID: DIV-006
Price: $12.85 $11.55

This book addresses important issues of divorce and the restructuring of family life in a clear and direct manner. It's a helpful guide that will allow you gain an understanding of significant issues for your children, and it also offers comprehensive, proven strategies, information and solutions for dealing with the sometimes overwhelming emotions and questions associated with divorce. This is a great first step towards making a positive change for your children.

Pages:  34

Product ID: PAR-010
Price: $15.95   $14.95

Separation can be the most difficult time for a family. This useful book, written by two experts, provides clear-cut advice to the parents that are facing this situation, and wish to follow the shared parenting approach. By using their broad background and extensive research, the experts highlight the need for children having considerable time with both parents, thus allowing them to continue having meaningful relationships. By showing both the advantages and challenges, disproving the myths, and providing valuable information how to communicate between the two households, along with providing solid tools to help create parenting plans. This book will show parents how to get past their personal feelings, and find a winning solution that's in the best interest for everyone involved.

Pages:  160

Product ID: DIV-010
Price: $7.50 $6.95

This caring, sincere book will give you the comforting answers to the many important questions that children ask about divorce. Do you think that your parents don't love you if they make a commotion over you? If your father lives in another city, do you wonder if he still cares about you? When you get angry with your parents, are you a bad person? If you talk to one parent about other, is that wrong? Do you think that you are the reasons for your parents' divorce? The answers to all these questions, and more can be found in this book.

Pages:  157

Product ID: DIV-005
$8.95  $8.45

This book gently explains what divorce is, using a simple question-and-answer format.  It helps children understand why parents decide to divorce, and also explains how to handle their feelings, new living arrangements, and other things that are changing in their lives.   In a simple and honest manner, the authors help children realize that divorce isn't their fault, and showing strong emotions are okay, and that families can survive difficult changes.  Written to and for kids, this book is also recommended for parents, educators, counselors, and youth workers.

Pages:  128

Product ID: GRE-002
Price: $13.95 $12.55

Watching a child grieve, and not know what to do is a profoundly difficult experience for parents, teachers, and caregivers.  Yet, there are guidelines for helping children develop a lifelong, healthy response to loss.  In When Children Grieve, the authors offer a cutting-edge volume to free children from the false idea of "not feeling bad" and to empower them with positive, effective methods of dealing with loss.

Pages:  256

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