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In this book, the foremost experts on stepfamilies reveal findings and offer the first thorough guide to lessening the problems of stepfamily life and pains of divorce. For the millions of stepfamilies in this country, the normal, everyday issues that can challenge every family are even more difficult to deal with. After completing a nine-year study funded by the National Institutes of Health, the authors have written a book explaining why more than half of all stepfamilies do not succeed and gives the strategies that help the others to be successful. There are difficult and often troublesome questions that a stepfamily must handle, like how much should a stepparent try to control a stepchild? How much control should a parent who does not live with a child have over them? The intention of this book is to provide answers to the essential questions of stepfamily life, to learn the effect of stepfamily life on children and to fill in the knowledge holes that challenge so many stepfamilies today.

Author:  Dr. James H. Bray, John Kelly
Pages:  288

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