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In this book, you will realize a completely new way of life for your family that will celebrate your children's imagination, observe their creativity and achievements and give everyone a way to express appreciation and love for each other in the family. While you develop various ways to bring out your family's creativeness, you'll be able to make valuable relationships with your children in many ways. By merely using the basic tools around you, like art supplies, everyday objects, and your own imagination, you can change your family life. Your children will more often become involved in their own creative innovations and your family will embrace new ways to play and grow together, and have a great time doing it. The author has captivated many with her stories of creativity and parenting on her blog, Soule Mama, where she shares her ideas in a warm and friendly way. This resource presents a wide range of projects and gives ideas for inventive play, art and crafts, nature explorations, and it's perfect for all families.

Author:  Amanda Blake Soule
Pages:  224

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