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The Educational Resources Store contains educational books and videos for children, teens, parents and teachers about adolescence and growing up. The books and videos featured on this site cover a wide range of topics. You will find topics ranging from infant education to dealing with teens with different and sometimes difficult situations. The books and DVDs contain information at all levels, including books, DVDs, games and posters geared to the children, teens, parents, and teachers.

Product ID: ANG-004
Price: $22.95

Some girls can find it very difficult to forgive and forget when relationship hurts are deep and friendships fractured. Girl Grudges:  Learning How to Forgive and Live, was written by two experts with many years of experience, and has helped to address deep-seated conflicts that cause ongoing pain for everyone. This book offers a variety of practical and educational activities to help girls in middle and high school either one-on-one or in groups.  It is based on the ERA model (Educate, Relate, and Integrate) that first exposes girls to new information, and then helps them apply this to their own situations.  Finally, it encourages internalization of healthier relationship alternatives.

Pages:  72

Product ID: FAM-036
Price: $14.95 $13.95

This book shows how girls everywhere are greatly influenced by their contact with one another, and it basically changed the adult way of thinking when they look at girls.  Adults now have a better understanding of how girls choose their best friends, express their anger, interact with boys, and handle relationships with parents.  Now, Rosalind Wiseman has a revised and updated book for a new generation of girls.  It looks at how a girl's pre-adolescent experiences affects their teen years, future relationships, and overall success. It also examines the various roles girls play in and outside of cliques as Queen Bees, Targets, and Bystanders, and how this determines how they and others are treated.  Filled with insights about how technology has impacted a girl's world, and loaded with the experiences of girls, boys, and parents, this book offers important strategies to help your daughter to become socially competent.

Pages:  448

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