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Although the internet can be a valuable resource or a source of social pleasure for your child or teen, it can be very dangerous. There are so many facets of the internet that can put them at potential risk. Parents must monitor and restrict their child's activities to keep them safe. The most serious problem imaginable is a missing child or a molested child as a result of an online predator. Although this is the problem parents are most frightened of there are many other facets of the internet that can put them at risk.

Many child predators are no longer snatching children on the streets, they lure them with false identities on the internet and the child meets them on their own volition. Luring is illegal and if you suspect someone is a threat to your child's safety you should contact law enforcement immediately. Recently cyber bullying and online fights have become a trend among teens. Cyber bullying is the use of the internet to harass another individual. Lose of privacy is another problem. Many "Spammers" use "phishing" to trick people into giving up sensitive information so they can exploit it. There are also a ton of inappropriate material for children on the internet including pornography and violent and hateful material. There are many technologies that can get children into trouble including social networking, file sharing, chatting, forums, newsgroups, email, instant messaging and the list goes on. Many of these technologies can be very complicated and must be discussed with your child in an age appropriate manner.

Some of our educational books and videos address the fundamentals of internet safety while others deal with more advanced internet safety problems and offer solutions. Our Internet Safety Resources Store has lots of books and videos here to help make cyberspace safer for your child!

browse FULL LISTING of internet safety books and videos from the menu on the left.

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