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This book gives real evidence that video games, movies, and TV are not only conditioning children to be violent and not realizing the consequences it can bring, but are also teaching how to kill. Some of these children are as young as eleven years old, and with amazing accuracy, murdering many people. Much of this evidence is based on recent major scientific studies and research. This is a very important issue in America at present, given the events occurring throughout the country. According to the authors, those who make violent video games, the TV networks, and the Hollywood movie studios share most of the blame. This book shows that it is important for every parent, teacher, and citizen to make an effort to help stop the wave of killing and violence caused by America's youth. Most significant, it's a guideline to show how that can be accomplished.

Author:  Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano
Pages:  196

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Stop teaching our kids to kill Stop teaching our kids to kill
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