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There are many different and unique challenges, along with the great joy that come from parenting twins and multiples. Parents of twins will require more than just the extra equipment and clothing; They need more information, advice, and a lot of support. Written by the president and founder of Twin Services, Inc., this comprehensive, up-to-date guide will give you the answers and resources you've been looking for. It covers important issues like: Bonding with more than one baby, Breast-feeding techniques, Dealing with multiples and sibling rivalry, Helping your children achieve independent identities, Understanding the unique relationship between twins, and Financing your children's future. This guide will give you all the skills you need, and it also provides the most current studies on special health concerns, physical and mental progress of twins, and social behavior.

Author:  Patricia Maxwell Malmstrom, Janet Poland
Pages:  333

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  The Art of Parenting Twins The Art of Parenting Twins
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