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This book has been entirely updated, adding the latest information on medications, ADHD, and uses a caring approach to deal with all aspects of childhood behavioral disorders.  It is the respected book on parenting those difficult children that are hard to raise, and contains new sections on ADHD and the latest medications for childhood disorders.   Dr. Stanley Turecki is a highly respected expert on children and discipline, and was also the father of a difficult child at one time.   He offers compassionate and useful information to parents of these type of children.  Using his experience with many families in the highly successful Difficult Children Program that he created for Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, his approach, one step at a time, shows you how to use a ten-point test to identify your child's temperament.  You will be able to isolate specific difficulties and learn to handle common, but sometimes unmanageable situations expertly and calmly.

Author:  Stanley Turecki, M.D.
Pages:  302

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 The Difficult Child The Difficult Child
Table of Contents & Sample
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