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Product ID: BEH-016
Price: $12.95 $11.65

Did you know that a baby's brain is two and a half times more active than that of an adult, and that the networking of the brain's synapses is nearly complete after the first 3 years of life?  By giving your baby stimulating experiences encourages brain development that will prepare your baby for successful learning in the future.  Baby Smarts is based on the latest brain research, and filled with developmental games that will help you build your baby's brain power, one activity at a time.  Since each activity uses common materials, there's no need for expensive toys or equipment.  The book is divided into four chapters, with each representing a three-month period.  A chapter begins with a chart to help teachers and parents anticipate the typical developmental milestones for that age.  The corresponding games and activities develop and reinforce the skills babies need to reach those milestones.  Each and every activity in Baby Smarts builds the foundation for the future learning!

Pages:  128

Product ID: BEH-025
Price: $29.95

This video contains a comprehensive guide to the first two years of infancy.  It also gives tips from health experts that will assist parents with their child's physical and mental development.  This is very valuable information that parents will find useful and should definitely have available.

Runtime: 44 mins

Product ID: PAR-009
Price: $16.95   $15.95

The pre-school children today are being incorrectly educated, and it is occurring more often these days. This book was developed to help parents avoid this problem. All across the country, schools are using educational programs that were developed for school aged children to teach preschoolers. There is a large amount of evidence that this can be harmful to younger children, both psychologically and physically. Dr. Elkind explains that there is an actual difference between the mind of a preschool child and that of a school age child, and he shows how much these young children can learn when challenged with the correct parenting and proper educational programs. Finally, he talks about what parents need to look for when deciding on the educational programs during the early stages of their children's development.

Pages:  128

Product ID: PAR-024
Price: $14.95 $13.95

Do you ever observe what is actually going on when your children are playing?   Beginning with getting a little giggle during your baby's first game, or making jokes with a teenager while hanging out, this book is a comprehensive guide to show how playful parents bring up self-assured children.  It's full of great advice and enlightening stories, and is based on the latest research, and by making you wise, you'll become a successful and enthusiastic parent.  As the author points out, play is a child's way of exploring the world, expressing their feelings, getting close to those they care about, and getting through stressful situations.  Playful Parenting is very significant, and so successful in developing strong, close bonds between parents and children that it enables them to be with their kids in their world.

Pages:  320

Product ID: PAR-018
Price: $16.95 $15.95

One of the most demanding and challenging tasks an adult will ever have is taking care of young children. Many parents use and trust the Positive Discipline series and its sensible approach to raising children. It has been completely updated to provide the latest research in child development and education, and will show you how to use techniques to raise a child who is , respectful, responsible and resourceful. Youll find realistic solutions for how to: Avoid the power struggles that often come with mastering sleeping, eating, and potty training, Use misbehavior as an opportunity to teach non-punitive discipline, Instill valuable social skills and positive behavior inside and outside the home by using methods that teach important life skills, Employ family and class meetings to tackle behavioral challenges and much more.

Pages:  368

Product ID: PAR-035
Price: $14.95  $13.95

There are many different and unique challenges, along with the great joy that come from parenting twins and multiples. Parents of twins will require more than just the extra equipment and clothing; They need more information, advice, and a lot of support. Written by the president and founder of Twin Services, Inc., this comprehensive, up-to-date guide will give you the answers and resources you've been looking for. It covers important issues like: Bonding with more than one baby, Breast-feeding techniques, Dealing with multiples and sibling rivalry, Helping your children achieve independent identities, Understanding the unique relationship between twins, and Financing your children's future. This guide will give you all the skills you need, and it also provides the most current studies on special health concerns, physical and mental progress of twins, and social behavior.

Pages:  333

Product ID: FAM-033
Price: $16.95 $15.95

This book takes a sensible, monthly tour of the first year of daddy's new life. In this revised, expanded edition for today's dad, the author presents timely and appropriate subjects from pre-natal care through year one of being a dad.  He covers topics including detecting an infant's illnesses, evaluating a baby's development, and learning proper ways to play with the newest family member.  The author uses his fathering background and medical knowledge to cover everything, ranging from the tasks of changing a diaper, feeding your baby, packing a diaper bag to choosing the right babysitter.  He informs you on many subjects, including: Important physical, emotional, health, and developmental milestones for your baby, Identifying and coping the feelings often experienced by new dads, Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner through your new experiences, and much more!

Pages:  304

Product ID: PAR-016
Price: $16.95 $14.95

This book is a great resource to manage the positive and negative times during early adolescence. All parents have experienced the terrible twos and the emotional teenagers, but only a few have been able to predict the roller coaster ride of these thrilling yet frustrating years. You'll see that this book includes many different topics, and covers all aspects of the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development of young adolescents. By using the latest information provided by experts and supported by the National Middle School Association, along with the author's amazing insights from talking to teachers, parents, and the children themselves, this book will provide a valuable resource to help you get through this challenging time.

Pages:  308

Product ID: FAM-032
Price: $14.95 $13.95

Managing a busy life with children and a job can be very difficult, but also very satisfying and rewarding.  This book will show you how to deal with this lifestyle.  The author is a woman who is loves her kids and career, and she shows you examples of how actual people, some famous and some you'll meet for the first time in the book, are able to manage their lives.  By using her background as a mom, wife, writer and college professor, she helps families and couples find the way to enjoy life together and have a purpose.  By using good humor, imaginative ideas, insight and encouragement, Working Families will help you navigate through a sea of demands with the confidence you need to change the world, along with your children.

Pages:  240

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