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Product ID: PAR-026
Price: $14.95 $13.95

Like most parents, you are concerned about what your kids don't tell you, particularly when they choose text messages and social networking sites over personal conversations.  We know that every teenager keeps secrets, and this popular book has been updated and revised to address the challenges parents face with a well connected, technical generation.  Jenifer Lippincott and Robin Deutsch give you a very simple plan for talking to your kids that's based on a straightforward set of rules that say teens need to stay safe, both online and in real life, show respect, and keep in touch.  When they follow these rules, everyone will be happy.

Pages:  200

Product ID: PAR-023
Price: $14.95 $13.95

Many of today's middle school children confront important topics like alcohol, drugs, sexuality and technology at such an early age that would have been hard to imagine a decade ago.  It's typical for parents to worry about these important years.  The author considers this time to be full of constructive changes as your children become more independent, and your role shifts from being a parent to manager, and then to encouraging coach.  Appropriate subjects include cyberbullying and how to choose practical and worthwhile activities.  These years can and should be a time of exciting change and opportunity, and this book gives you what you need to know to survive and grow as a family.

Pages:  176

Product ID: FAM-041
Price: $14.95 $13.95

It seems that these days, there are no good mothers for a variety of reasons.  If you go to work, you're inattentive to your kids, and if you stay home with them, you're overbearing.  If you punish them, they will end up with psychological problems, and if you let them run loose, they will be involved with drugs by the time they reach middle school.  It's not surprising that many women consider themselves at one time or another as bad mothers.  This book is written with extraordinary frankness and it gives very funny and useful advice throughout.  How do you handle it when your daughter dresses up inappropriately for Halloween?  In this cynical, direct and very intuitive narrative on modern motherhood, the author says it's time for women to get over it and get on with life.

Pages:  224

Product ID: PAR-002
Price: $79.95

Parenting is always challenging at any age, and the teenagers who face approaching parenthood are especially in need of support systems and information.  In this video, teens will learn how to prepare themselves for a major change in their lives.  It is difficult enough becoming a teenage parent, and being one means assuming a long-term responsibility.  This video also presents strategies that will help teens successfully cope with a new role.

Runtime: 24 mins

Product ID: PAR-025
Price: $19.00 $17.95

This book brings parents the knowledge and support they need to identify and deal with problems that can occur in the home. Children, ages ten to fifteen, trust their parents to be there when they are feeling down. This is an emergency guide that covers the difficult issues parents encounter every day with their 10-15 year old children. Many parents are often frightened and unsure if they should interfere and know just how to help. This book was based on a nation-wide survey of parents, teachers, and students, interviews with a variety of experts, using the latest research, and written with the support of the National Middle School Association, you'll be able to get very useful advice on topics including: depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual encounters, failing in school, internet dangers, and many other issues.

Pages:  294

Product ID: PAR-017
Price: $16.95 $15.95

For both parents and kids going through adolescents, it's often a time of great pressure and is very chaotic. During the teen years, children quickly begin to discover a new sense of freedom. This can lead to feelings of anger and helplessness for parents, who are often left out of their children's lives. In this revised edition of Positive Discipline for Teenagers, the author explains how to break the negative cycle of blame and guilt, and how to work toward a better understanding and communication with your adolescents. With this book, you will: Find out how to encourage your teen and yourself, Grow to understand how your teen still needs you in different ways, Learn how to get to know who your teen really is, Discover how to develop sound judgment without being judgmental, and Learn how to use follow-through, which is the only reliable way to get chores done.

Pages:  368

Product ID: FAM-031
Price: $14.95  $13.95

This book has the solution, if your teenagers are making you go crazy. The author takes a close look in this new updated edition, at the typical issues facing parents and their teenage children. Many of these issues include, but are not limited to: dating, sex, drugs, alcohol, divorce, sports, academics, texting and the internet. He takes an interesting approach to the period of adolescent growth, which is often misunderstood, and gives parents some unexpected advice. He proposes indirect communication instead of heart-to heart talks, letting your teenager brood, resist giving advice, and embrace separation. This unusual approach and decades of experience working with teenagers makes this an positive, invaluable resource.

Pages:  240

Product ID: FAM-045
Price: $17.00 $15.95

In this book, the author will help end the conflict between mother and daughter and break free from the past. It looks at the most complex relationship of your life, and show you how the relationship with your mother affects all others in your life, including choosing your partner. The book shows how to recognize healthy and destructive mother-daughter relationships, how mothers manipulate their daughters, how to stop the succession of blame, anger, disappointments, and other negative situations, and finally, why you tend to become the opposite or identical person your mother was. The author has done years of research and did many interviews, and can show you how to gain understanding and acceptance, or allow you to achieve a separate, peaceful life as a result.

Pages:  406

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