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Hazing and peer intimidation are situations that occur in student life at schools and universities across the nation, but no one hears about them.   On almost any college campus, you'll find at least one student that will admit to knowing someone who has been hazed or intimidated.   Why are hazing and intimidation such taboo subjects?  What is actually considered hazing?  Can you tell if you are being intimidated?  In this video, you will find out just what acts are considered to be hazing and peer intimidation, then learn the adverse effects they can have on a student's mind and body and what you can do to change the situation.

Learning objectives for this video include:

  • Learn the definition peer intimidation and discover the ways it can be committed by individuals and groups
  • Discover the factors that lead to peer intimidation
  • Forms of peer intimidation will be illustrated along with the negative effects it has on its victims
  • Understand the methods needed to combat peer intimidation
  • Hazing will be defined, and shown why it is defined as a dangerous form of peer intimidation and forms of hazing will be discussed
  • Discover the consequences of hazing and how to deal with it if they are confronted with it

Chris Awards "Honorable Mention"
Runtime:  25 mins

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