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Product ID: SEX-001
Price:   $89.95

As soon as we're born, all of the parts of our reproductive systems are in place, but we're unable to reproduce until puberty causes our bodies to undergo drastic changes.  Learn about GnRH, the hormone that initiates these changes, and understand why puberty happens to some people at nine and to others at fifteen.  Learn the names of the various parts of the male and female reproductive systems.  See what the individual organs look like and learn where they're located.   Understand how each organ in the reproductive system functions and see how the male and female systems work together to create a new life.

The objectives for this DVD include:

  • Students will learn about the processes of mitosis and meiosis
  • Students will learn about the various organs of the male and female reproductive systems and they will understand the function of each organ
  • Students will learn about the various stages of pregnancy.

Runtime:  22 mins

Front and Back Covers

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