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Today, teenage girls are constantly confronted with the media, the Internet, and peers who reinforce the idea that sex is a normal part of teenage relationships and believe that it's not a big deal. Actually, many teenage girls will experiment with sex, but now more than ever, the results of teen sexual behavior includes disease, depression, and a distorted view of themselves. Fortunately, you can use the challenges your daughter faces today as a channel to help her develop a revered view of sex and of herself. Obviously, your daughter needs to make her own very important decisions during her adolescence that will have permanent consequences, but as her mother, you will have a tremendous influence over your daughter and you need to be prepared. This book will supply you with information and strategies to help your daughter reach a place of happiness after she makes critical decisions on how to behave sexually during the most susceptible time of her life.

Author:  Sharon A. Hersh
Pages:  272

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  Mom, Sex in No Big Deal Mom, Sex in No Big Deal
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