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Many years ago, most experts thought that differences in how girls and boys behave are mainly a result of how they were treated by their parents, teachers, and friends. However, the large amount research that has been done over the past twenty years shows that sex differences are significantly more important than previously believed. In this book, psychologist and family physician Dr. Leonard Sax guides parents through the mystifying world of gender differences, and shows why sex differences are real, biologically programmed, and important to how children are raised, disciplined, and educated. He explains the biologically different ways in which children think, feel, and act. He covers a variety of issues, including discipline, learning, aggression, and sex, and shows that boys and girls will react in expected ways to different situations.

Author:  Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D.
Pages: 336

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Why Gender Matters Why Gender Matters 
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