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Caring, responsive parenting creates a strong connection between parent and baby, and this bond sets the basis for healthy emotional and psychological development.  In this book, the authors use the latest scientific research to show parents how to use simple bedtime practices that respect a baby's development, both emotionally and neurologically.  With this empowering book, parents will learn what causes babies to wake up at night and then need help getting back to sleep, understand how the early choices that parents makes can affect a baby's brain growth, and see why "sleep training" is risky.  Parents will also learn how to create a safe, effective, sleep routine and environment, realize typical baby sleep problems and learn how to cope with them.  This book is packed with scientific evidence, stories from parents, verification from infant mental health authorities, and also gives hard-working moms and dads the insight and useful tools to help their babies grow.

Authors:  Anni Gethin, Beth Macgregor
Pages:  205

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