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The Educational Resources Store contains educational books and videos for children, teens, parents and teachers about adolescence and growing up. The books and videos featured on this site cover a wide range of topics. You will find topics ranging from infant education to dealing with teens with different and sometimes difficult situations. The books and DVDs contain information at all levels, including books, DVDs, games and posters geared to the children, teens, parents, and teachers.

Product ID: SLP-001
Price:  $99.95

When we are asleep, our brains still are controlling our bodies, but sometimes in ways that keep us from getting the rest we need.  We all know the effects of sleep deprivation, with the dreaded grogginess, irritability, and poor concentration that accompany it.  Some individuals have performed poorly when taking tests, have made mistakes at work, or even had severe accidents because of their inability to focus clearly.  In order to avoid the potential negative effects of sleep deprivation, we must learn how to get the sleep we need.

Runtime:  31 mins

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